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United States

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Festival News

Press releases and updates from the Lexington County Peach Festival.

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The State | Be There: Lexington County Peach Festival

Peach Festival

What started in 1959 as a Fourth of July community political “stump meeting” hosted by the Gilbert Community Club is now known as one of the largest festivals in South Carolina, bringing an estimated 35,000 people to the Lexington County town of Gilbert each year.

“It was started by a group of ladies who had the idea to have politicians come and meet with community members,” said Robin McCartha, publicity co-chair of the Peach Festival. “They quickly realized they could turn it into a community fundraiser by selling some drinks and cakes, and because we have a lot of peaches in Lexington County, they decided to make the desserts with peaches as a way to kind of honor the peach. I doubt they had any idea it would go on or grow as it has.”

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