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Local Students showcase creativity in Peach Art Contest 2016

Festival News

Press releases and updates from the Lexington County Peach Festival.

Local Students showcase creativity in Peach Art Contest 2016

Peach Festival

With help from art teachers at each of the Gilbert public schools, the Lexington County Peach Festival recently recognized winners of the 2016 Peachy Art awards.  These awards are sponsored annually by Michelin.  Students from kindergarten age through high school were honored for their creative talent.  Michael Williams, Michelin representative, with Monti Caughman, Peach Festival Coordinator, and Beverly Adams and Barbara Hendrix, Peachy Art Committee Co-Chairs, recognized this year’s award winners from Gilbert High, Gilbert Middle, Gilbert Elementary and Gilbert Primary Schools.  Michelin’s sponsorship makes possible the monetary awards as winners receive $45 for first place, $35 for second place, and $25 for third place with high school winners getting $100, $75 and $50 for first, second and third place respectively. Student art work celebrates peaches and patriotism, and will be on display in the lobby of Gilbert Primary School at this year’s 58th Festival on July 4th.  

This year’s winners from Gilbert High School, Allison Hendrix, Adam Kelly, and Nixie Miller, Art Teachers: 

Marena Fleming, 1st place; Lydia Roxburgh, 2nd place; and Lizbeth Nava, 3rd place. 

This year’s winners from Gilbert Middle School, Jill Sharpe, Art Teacher:

6th grade:  Brandee Rikard, 1st place; Savanna Spires, 2nd place; and Noah Newbern, 3rd place.

7th grade:  Madison McNair, 1st place; Sydney Haynes and Kobe Smith, 2nd place tie; and Caden Ricard, 3rd place.

8th grade:  Kaylee Barnes, 1st place; Tori Bricker, 2nd place; and Jordan Keisler, 3rd place.

This year’s winners from Gilbert Elementary School, Angela Zokan, Art Teacher:

3rd grade:  Breanna Black, 1st place; Julianne Wooten, 2nd place; and Jacob Jones, 3rd Place.

4th grade:  Lily Price, 1st place; Lizzet Martinez, 2nd place; and Reagen Hendrix, 3rd place.

5th grade:  Rachel Davis, 1st place; Merari Morales, 2nd place; and Aubrey Harmon, 3rd place.

This year’s winners from Gilbert Primary School, Ashley King and Angela Kelly-Lewis, Art Teachers:

Kindergarten:  Madalyn Hinson, 1st place; Kaylin Quina, 2nd place; and Alyssa Gantt, 3rd place.  

1st grade:  Alex Loyda, 1st place; Megan Wooten, 2nd place; and Reagen Sherman, 3rd place. 

2nd grade:  Sophia Parriott, 1st place; Addison Merrell, 2nd place; and Zach Sustar, 3rd place.